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February 2018

America, Inc. Concepts: Corporatism

Democracy. Republic. Socialism. Fascism. Communism. Monarchy. Despotism. There have been countless forms of government in the history of mankind, but none quite like corporatism. The concept emerged from the ashes of a global economic collapse to restore order in a world plagued by anarchy and hopelessness. Corporatism in the Black Swan Saga can be best [...]...

America Inc Liberteum Political Thriller Mikael Carlson

AMERICA, INC – Choose Your Side

America, Inc. is not your typical dystopian thriller. It presents a world that is perfectly imperfect and let’s the reader decide who is right and who is wrong and choose their side. The year is 2088 and corporations have replaced governments around the world. They have ended famine, war, homelessness and unemployment. They have brought [...]...

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