election temper tantrum
2016 Election

Our National Temper Tantrum

2016-11-11 MikaelCarlson 1

We all had to see it coming. With so much division and hateful rhetoric spewed forth from both sides in this election cycle, it is only logical to believe the losing side was going to […]

american flag with bananas
2016 Election

Election 2016 – America the Banana Republic

2016-11-04 MikaelCarlson 1

A “banana republic” or “banana” state is a term used in political science to characterize politically unstable countries. Often these countries are in Latin America and feature economies largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product, […]

2016 Election

Why We Watched (Really Watched)

2016-10-21 MikaelCarlson 0

According to a recent Fox News article, the third presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the third most watched in history. It was behind only the lone Reagan-Carter debate in 1980 (80.6 […]

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