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    Political Thrillers and Dramas

    The Michael Bennit Series

    michael bennit series mikael carlson political dramas thrillersMichael Bennit is a former Green Beret turned high school history teacher who loses a bet to his honors students and is forced to run for Congress. When his campaign becomes a media sensation, the incumbent, Rep. Winston Beaumont, becomes threatened. What happens next is a testament to just how far a crooked politician will go to keep his power.

    The remaining three books in the series, The iCongressman, The iSpeaker, and the iAmerican, follows the story to the nation’s capital where the political process has become stagnant with politicking and divisiveness between the political parties. Michael Bennit faces the challenge of working as an Independent in a city where people have a singular focus of maintaining or enhancing their political power at the expense of anyone in their way, including the American people.




    The Black Swan Saga

    Black Swan Saga Mikael Carlson Political ThrillersThe year is 2088 and the world is a much different place. Following the global economic collapse in 2029 that brought governments to their knees, chaos and brutal violence spread across the globe. To fill the power vacuum, huge multinational corporations, backed by their wealthy benefactors, seized the reins of power and took over governing the masses to drag humanity back from the precipice of apocalypse.

    The Black Swan Saga shows that no matter what governmental system people adhere to, the political struggle is universal. The series is a cautionary tale about the technology we rely on and the consequences of the decisions our leaders make. It has real world relevance for the world we live in today mixed with an excitement that makes the novels hard to put down.




    The Eyes of Others

    The Eyes of Others Ebook Mikael Carlson Political ThrillerHampered by strange dreams since he was severely injured by a roadside bomb in ISIS-occupied Iraq, he enlists the help of an attractive, yet quirky dream therapist to get to the bottom of the mystery. Together they come to understand the true nature of Boston’s condition ― he is not dreaming, but somehow accessing the memories of others while he sleeps.

    The Eyes of Others follows the struggles of five people caught up in a maelstrom of bureaucratic wrangling, politics, and one of the most desperate, high-stakes mole hunts in American history. Lives will be lost and tensions high, but can the mole be found in time when the only clues can be found by dreaming about memories seen through the eyes of others?



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    Mikael Carlson is the award-winning political fiction author of The iCandidate and the Michael Bennit Series of political dramas. He has also written the thriller The Eyes of Others. His current series, The Black Swan Saga, are epic dystopian political thrillers that showcase a world of corporate governance dominated by elitists. The first two novels, America, Inc. and America, Inc.: Bounded Rationality are available now. He lives in Danbury, CT.