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Trump treason 18 USC 2381

Politicizing Treason and Other Collusion Delusions

The news of Donald Trump Jr.’s email conversation with a Russian lawyer had the effect you probably thought it would. Social media exploded, CNN had reason to continue their non-stop coverage for at least another month, and pundits on the left went crazy. The most outlandish comment comes from former vice-presidential candidate and current U.S. [...]...

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CNN, hookers and a demonic rabbit hole

I’m sorry, folks. Fake news I could have endured, but the bizarre did me in before I found any real news. Maybe it’s because today I started with one article at American Thinker and the other at CNN. No writer likes to be outdone. While the American Thinker author touched upon the truth, and the [...]...

Anatomy of a Modern News Story

Good journalism is a necessity for good government. It is needed to inform the populace so that we can form educated opinions about the world around us. Unfortunately, how our major news services are discovering and reporting the news today is an affront to the term “journalism.” Beyond that, it should be an embarrassment to [...]...

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